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Darryl Worley: Have You Forgotten?
Discography and information on his new song about freedom and the war. Listen to music, view tour dates, biography, and news. Hard Rain Don't Last
A review of Worley's Dreamworks album and his traditional music.
Leo's Lyrics: Darryl Worley
Lyrics arranged by album title.
Darryl Worley
Official page, with a biography of the singer from Tennessee, news, music, video, tour dates, fan club, and merchandise. Darryl Worley
A profile of the singer with photos and audio clips.
Amazon offers Have You Forgotten? (Audio CD),15 April, 2003
Country music artists |  D Worley  | country music List price $17.98
Patriotism in Music / 5
While Darryl Worley's music, style, and subject matter are not well-suited to those who hate themselves annd by extension this country, the title track does capture the swell of nationalistic pride and anger we ALL felt in September 2001 and laments that only a year later many had forgotten their outrage.

It's not about the Iraq War. It's about the protests over the War in Afghanistan. Many on both sides of this debate try to miscommunicate his messaage.

Listen to the songs. It's not pro-war, it's about loving your neighbor and wanting to keep them safe, a task that often involves someone having to sacrifice their comfort to maintain that of others.

Back to the music, it's an eclectic mix of modern country songs. Even if you generally don't like country music (but you do like softer rock-and-roll), you're liable to find one or more that match your tastes.

Although, in my opinion, some of the songs don't seem to fit into a single album format, in this day and age of MP3-players and so on, who actually cares. I buy CDs so I can copy them to my PC and play them while I'm at work--effectively making my own virtual albums without making the RCAA lawyers unhappy.

I rate it 5 stars because this is the type of music I listen to. You, dear Reader, may not like all or any of it; but the freedom to choose is what America is all about, isn't it?

And no, I don't believe Saddam Hussein was *directly* involved in the 9/11 attacks; but he sure was...

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