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Amazon offers Ladies of Country Music (Audio CD),11 April, 2000
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This is an excellent collection of twelve vintage tracks from some of the leading female country singers on the RCA label. From the 1960's there's Skeeter Davis (RCA's first major country female star) and Liz Anderson each singing top 5 hits that earned the ladies Grammy nominations for Best Female Country Vocal in 1967, Connie Smith is represented with her smash 1964 #1 "Once a Day" which I believe is still the most successful single by a female vocalist on the Billboard country chart; Dolly Parton alone represents the 1970's with the original version of "I Will Always Love You", while the 1980's dominates this disc with K.T. Oslin, Sylvia, Juice Newton, Gail Davies, Louise Mandrell, and Deborah Allen, from the 1990's Lorrie Morgan and Lari White are featured. These are the original hits and they sound great on CD. Sadly excluded on this collection of RCA country divas though are the outstanding 60's hitmaker Norma Jean and where on earth is Dottie West, a top RCA star from 1963-1975?? This is the SECOND collection of RCA vintage country tracks that has excluded her that I've reviewed in the last two days!! Somebody needs to pay attention at Direct Source!!!

Nevertheless, this is a great set although a few song selections are curious, like one of Lorrie Morgan's least successful records for RCA and I'm surprised Gail Davies made the cut here since her stint at RCA was not particularly long or commercially successful although she recorded some fine music there (it's a crime though her "Jagged Edge of a Broken Heart" was not the song used for this selection, not only was it her biggest RCA hit but it was one of the most underrated records of the era.) I am thrilled though to see the outrageously underappreciated Liz Anderson (a songwriter to rival Dolly and a great singer too) and Lari White (one of the best female singers of the 90's) are here and this is a outstanding collection of music well worth the budget price and then some.

Song "Go on"
You talk to me with one eye on the door
You lie beside me with one foot on the floor
You're always going
You're never gone
So long shouldn't take so long

Go on go on go on go on go
Why don't you go on go on go on go on go

I know it's just a matter of time
So if it's over baby let's just call it a night
I can take it
If you leave
But this waitin' 'round is killing me

Go on go on go on go on go
Why don't you go on go on go on go on go

I've just been spinning my wheels
Trying not to drive you away
Your heart is already gone
So what's the use in making you stay

Go on go on go on go on go
Why don't you go on go on go on go on go
Go on go on go on go on go
Why don't you go on go on go on go on go

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