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Excellent country singer-songwriter / 5
Like so many aspiring singers, Kris recorded one album before disappearing back into obscurity. She has a twangy country voice that would put some people off but endear her to others. The music has a contemporary edge but should appeal to most fans of traditional country. The tempo of the music varies from slow ballads to rocking up-tempo songs but is generally more upbeat than you might expect from reading the lyrics in the booklet. With top producers Emory Gordy Jr and Tony Brown at the helm, this album (which even got a UK release at the time) might have been expected to achieve much greater success than it did. Sadly, the singles didn't get much airplay in America. The label (Rising tide) went out of business and no other label signed Kris, so another promising career ended.

Kris wrote five of the songs alone and co-wrote five of the others, two of them with Sharon Rice, who co-wrote (with Bill Rice) the only other song here (Love don't be a stranger). Most of the songs (Here's me, I'm in trouble now, Old boyfriend, She's only a cowboy when it rains, Kind of like California, Love don't be a stranger, A thousand tears ago) focus on ex-lovers in various situations. Three of the other four are about unfaithful men. Kris explains that a man cannot hide his unfaithfulness in What a woman knows. In Rocking horse, Kris goes along with a man she knows will be unfaithful because he is exciting. Texas hotel is the story of a man looking for (and finding) extra-marital affairs. The remaining song (Keeping your kisses) is about a woman so obsessed with her man that she can't concentrate on anything else.

This album deserved to sell far more copies than it did, but if you enjoy traditional twangy country music with a contemporary edge, give this a listen - if you can find a copy.

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