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Website of the Gaither Vocal Band and the Gaither Homecoming Tour. Russ Taff had been a member of the Gaither Vocal Band for three years and tours with the Gaither Homecoming Tour.
Amazon offers Right Here Right Now (Audio CD),09 November, 1999
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" Russ Taff ????!!!!" / 4
We all should know who this guy is by now; but just for the benefit--he once was a regular member of the group "The Imperials!" He had a few solo recordings out before this, and knownfor writting some popular country music as well. Anyway, this recording was very hard to rate because Russ hasn't made a christian recording for awhile. (its like trying to get too know him all over again)! Sure he appears on TV with the Gather Gosple Hour and sometimes does a song or two,but to me Russ Taff will always be doing somekind of a recording that Blesses God! I have all of his work, and this one just adds to the libary of his talent. If anyone who likes to watch the Gather Homecoming Hour and has seen Russ perform a song on the program-----well, I suggest that you might want to get your hands on any of his work--because What you see is What you get!!! (nice to hear a christian recording done by him again)!!!
Song "Love Is Not A Thing"

If love was a stone I could toss it away
Never think twice, I'd be okay
If love was an arrow I could pull back my bow
Aim at the sky and let it go
But love is not a thing
You don't take it off like a ring
Just because you said goodbye
That don't mean that love had died
It's alive and doin' well in my heart
If love was a book I could just put it down
Don't need a romance around
If love was a clock I could let it unwind
Throw it out the window and watch the time fly
(Chorus twice)
Love is alive
Love is alive
and doing well in my heart
Livin' in my heart

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