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Biography, discography, photos and tour schedule from his record label.
Jodi's Hal Ketchum Page
Features the fan forum, a meeting place for serious fans. Also chat, photos of Hal with fans, and concert photos.
Hal Ketchum
Official site includes biography, tour dates, fan club, video clips, and merchandise.
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Includes tour dates, biography, discography, and a poem.
Amazon offers The Hits (Audio CD),07 May, 1996
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Hal Ketchum Has Guts! / 5
After seeing Hal live in Austin, TX at One World Theater an old favorite became my new BEST CHOICE for original songs and the deepest most honest voice ever put to music. Hal is a hit with me and it's not the Small Town Saturday Night that put him on the map that shows his abilities like Satisfied Mind and others you may not have heard yet. Get this CD now, you won't be disappointed at all.
Song "Drive On"
I got a friend named Whiskey Sam He was my boonierat buddy for a year in Nam He said is my country just a little off track Took 'em twenty-five years to welcome me back But, it's better than not coming back at all Many a good man I saw fall And even now, every time I dream I hear the men and the monkeys in the jungle scream

Drive on, don't mean nothin' My children love me , but they don't understand And I got a woman who knows her man Drive on, don't mean nothin', drive on

I remember one night, Tex and me Rappelled in on a hot L.Z. We had our 16's on rock and roll But, with all that fire, I was scared and cold We were crazy, we were wild And I have seen the tiger smile I spit in a bamboo viper's face And I'd be dead , but by God's grace

Drive on, don't mean nothin' My children love me, but they don't understand And I got a woman who knows her man Drive on, don't mean nothin', drive on

It was a real slow walk in a real sad rain And nobody tried to be John Wayne I came home, but Tex did not And I can't talk about the hit he got I got a little limp now when I walk Got a little tremolo when I talk But my letter read from Whiskey Sam You're a walkin' talkin' miracle from Vietnam

Drive on, don't mean nothin' My children love me, but they don't understand And I got a woman who knows her man Drive on, don't mean nothin', drive on

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Interview: BC Magazine's Featured Artist - Hal Ketchum (
Hal Ketchum may be one of the most well known and admired songwriters in country music circles, but his creativity runs even deeper than song. In the years before his music career took off, he worked as a cabinet maker and continues to express himself not only in carpentry, but sculpting and painting as well. His art work is shown at the Pena Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico. His first album ...
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