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Amazon offers Shock'n Y'all (Audio CD),04 November, 2003
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Country's American Bad-Ass! / 5
Okay, so he's not Kid Rock. That's okay. Especially if you like country. Toby's new style seems to be to country what Kid Rock is to, well, Rock. He is, Ill admit, A tad unorthodox. But in reality, that is what we need in country music today. Dont get me wrong, I still LOVE George Strait and Alan Jackson as much as ever, But Toby is in a different category. Where the other guys are traditional country, Toby is modern country. They might tour together somtimes like Deep Purple touring With Metallica, but that doesnt mean they are the same type of music. Toby is, in no way shape or form, trying to be who George and Alan are, he is being Toby Keith. Thats it and thats all. This CD is the prime example of the Bad Ass Country Star Toby has evolved into. I say eveolved in a very loose term. A lot of people say he has completely changed, I dont think thats true. Sure he is more tounge in cheek that he used to be, but He has always had the loud guitars, pounding drums and that one of a kind vocal style that all still resonates through each of his CDs today. I dont see how Toby is wrecking country music, No one is trying to be him, he is just himself, and his fellow Nashville singers and songwriters respect him for it. There is also no way he is taking country back 20 years. Nobody sounded like this 20 years ago. Nobody. Im sorry if Im offending anyone who has written a revew before me on this disc, but some of you need to figure out what you are talking about before you write things like this. This CD is pure, 100%, modern country. He sings about the things that an American singer should sing about. He is a great Dad, Husband, and all around good guy. He iss charitable, and loves his fans! He's always around after the show to sign autographs. That is if the venue he's at allows it.
This CD needs a revew from me, not just defending Toby.
Its loud, raunchy, fast paced, In your face, and Country! What else could you want. If you liked Pull my Chain and Unleashed, you'll love this. Just smash those 2 discs together and take out the ballads... all of them! There arent any on this one. Its 10 tracks of Dierks Bently style country with a little more musicians thrown in for good measure. Plus two hillarious bonus tracks. If youve ever seen Toby in concert, you know the songs. This disc will make you want to pump your fists in the air. American Souldier may even make you tear ducts fill up a little. Maybe. I might have just done that to me, but then again, maybe Im as tough as Toby, and nothing can make me cry. Whiskey Girl is old school Toby. It is a great reminder of A Woman's Touch from Blue Moon. Time for me to Ride is a straight ahead rocker like 8 more seconds, or die with your boots on... Just plain awsome! Sweet for some reason reminds me or Little Texas' God Blessed Texas from back in the day. Another classic. Bottom line is, just buy the dang thing or Toby will come kick your Shania Twain lovin' Ass!

Song "Who’s That Man"
Turn left at the old hotel
I know this boulevard much too well it hasn't changed since I been gone
Oh this used to be my way home

They paved the road thru the neighborhood
I guess the county finally fixed good it was gettin' rough
Someone finally complained enough

Fight the tears back with a smile
Stop and look for a little while oh it's plain to see
The only thing missing is me

That's my house and that's my car
That's my dog in my back yard
There's the window to the room
Where she lays her pretty head
I planted that tree out by the fence
Not long after we moved in
That's my kids and that's my wife
Who's that man, runnin' my life

If I pulled in would it cause a scene
There not really expectin me those kid's have been thru hell
I hear they've adjusted well

Turn around in the neigbors drive
I'd be hard to recognise in this pick-up truck
It's just an old fixer up

Drive away one more time
Lot of things runnin' thru my mind I guess the less things change
The more they never seem the same

That's my house and that's my car
That's my dog in my back yard
There's the window to the room
Where she lays her pretty head
I planted that tree out by the fence
Not long after we moved in
That's my kids and that's my wife
Who's that man, runnin' my life

That's my house and that's my car
That's my dog in my back yard
There's the window to the room
Where she lays her pretty head
I planted that tree out by the fence
Not long after we moved in
That's my kids and that's my wife
Who's that man, runnin' my life

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