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Michael Johnson: Singer, Recording Artist
Official Web Site. Biography, articles, discography, photos, performance schedule, lyrics, tablature, merchandise. Michael Johnson
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iMusic Country Showcase: Michael Johnson
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Amazon offers Departure (Audio CD),05 September, 1995
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A Classic Album from MJ / 5
I like Michael Johnson the best when he plays his acoustic guitar or classic guitar and sings. When I received this CD, I felt delighted to note that MJ played either acoustic guitar or classic guitar or both in ALL of the songs! In the earlier albums in the 70's, I loved his acoustic songs like "I'll always love you" and "Doors", and so in this CD my favorite songs are "Departure", "Distant Fire", "Dirty Hands and Dirty Faces", "Unconditionally" and "Imogene". The musical arrangement is simple but the songs are beautiful when MJ sang them softly. There was guest appearance by Alison Krauss, but her presence was insignificantly felt. What a waste! I would love to hear MJ's voice beautifully blended with Alison's angelic vocal.
Song "Mr. Arthur’s Place"
Mr. Arthur's place is set about a mile just off the interstate highway
And it's kinda hard to get to so you really gotta know where to go
And it's there you'll hear the music they played before the children were children
How the sound and the spirit sets you swinging as you step through the door

And they show you to a table, you have a drink or two
You ask her if she wants to dance, she says it's up to you

So you take her by the hand and you lead her to the edge of the dance floor
And she whispers to you, "Honey I'm afraid my gown's a little too long"
You get into the rhythm and remember what it was that you came for
You forget the thirty years that have happened since they played you that song

And as you twirl around the room, you no longer feel a fool
It's just the way it used to be when she was your girl at school

Slide with me, Julia
I can lead if you will follow through
Glide with me, Julia
To see the simple pleasure we once knew
Just to see the simple pleasure we once knew

You've had one terrific evening and you tell her as you drive down the highway
She says, "Yes I really loved it and you know we gotta go there again"
But you get that empty feeling as you pull the car back into your driveway
You know exactly where you are but you're not too sure where you've been

As you turn out the bedroom light, you have a word or two
You ask her if she wants to sleep, she says it's up to you

Slide with me, Julia
I can lead if you will follow through
Glide with me, Julia
To see the simple pleasure we once knew
Just to see the simple pleasure we once knew

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