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Amazon offers Buffalo Club (Audio CD),25 March, 1997
Country music artists |  Buffalo Club  | music artists List price $11.98
Definitely a must-have for any musical connoisseur's library / 5
I have had this disc since its release and it quickly became one of my most favorite pieces. If I were unfortunately trapped on a deserted isle with only 10 discs and my stereo, this would be one of them. From outstanding harmonies to some really great writing, this one has it all. It's one of those pieces that really gets you to thinking of that loved one that you once knew (You Should See Her Now), to what you should have done (Funny Thing Is), and of things to come (Wish For You & All My Life). Like AXP, I don't leave home without it.
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Review Buffalo Club in United_States/CA/Santa_Monica. Headline. Review* Don't know what to write? Recommended Dishes. Ratings ...
The Buffalo Club, 1520 Olympic Blvd, Santa Monica, CA on Yahoo! Local
See all reviews for The Buffalo Club - Santa Monica, CA, 90404. There's much at steak for this old-school industry haunt. ...
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