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Columbia Records of course is where Lynn Anderson garnered her greatest success. Two men played key roles in Anderson's career at Columbia. Singer-songwriter Joe South got a boost when Anderson hit it big early on with his compositions "Rose Garden" (her signature recording), "Fool Me," and "How Can I Unlove You." Even more important was the writing and production involvement of husband Glenn Sutton, whom Anderson married just prior to joining Columbia. At Columbia, Sutton matched the brisk pace of Anderson's best Chart recordings with his narcissistic songwriting efforts "You're My Man" and "What A Man, My Man Is." He also encouraged Anderson to stretch stylistically. "Sing About Love" brought out a breezily seductive side, while "Keep Me In Mind" and her remake of Johnny Ray's "Cry," showed Anderson could effectively go from delicate to bombastic within the course of a ballad.

All of the ten singles found here were hits between 1970 - 1974, the first half of Anderson's Columbia tenure. She had a lot of country hits after that, including "All The King's Horses," "I Love How You Love Me," and "Isn't It Always Love" which are available only on the excellent out of print Columbia Anthology from Renaissance Records a few years ago. For now, this brief collection is the best place to get the most hits from her peak years (Collectables' Anderson cd Rose Garden/You're My Man has 26 tracks, but only six of them were hits).
Song "Rodeo Cowboy"
I met him in Wyomin'
At the Cheyenne rodeo
Just a kid in pigtails
Of thirteen at the time
I remember how I cheered the day
He rode a horse called midnight
And I vowed that someday
That cowboy would be mine

I followed him to Denver
Where we became good friends
We'd sit around the shoots
And talk while he was killin' time
He'd laugh and tell me stories
But he never mentioned stayin'
For the next town and the rodeo
Were always on his mind

He's a rodeo cowboy, he follows the circuit
Where top money's paid, that's where he'll be found
The only thing he owns is a horse and silver saddle
Rodeo cowboy, he'll never settle down

In Salt Lake City, Utah
He told me that he loved me
But still I knew he wasn't born
To be the settlin' kind
For with tomorrow's sun
He'd pack up that old freighter
And leave all thoughts of me and love
A hundred miles behind

The last time that I saw him
Was in Amarillo, Texas
I'm still in love with him
Although he can't be mine
But I'll always keep that
Shiny silver buckle that he gave me
Reads 'All Around Cowboy
Of Nineteen-sixty-nine'

He's a rodeo cowboy, he follows the circuit
Where top money's paid, that's where he'll be found
The only thing he owns is a horse and silver saddle
Rodeo cowboy, he'll never settle down
He's a rodeo cowboy, he'll never settle down...

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