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Official site includes group history, photos, performance dates and locations, and downloadable music. Alathea
One review of "The Rains" and two reviews of "What Light is All About."
Christianity Today: Alathea
Includes an interview, album review, and biography.
Music Quotient: Interview with Alathea
Interview with photos.
Amazon offers The Rains (Audio CD),30 January, 2001
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The Rains - A Cool Refreshing and Spirited Sound / 5
These three young women from East Tennessee are absolutely fantastic. They are multi-talented, have gorgeous voices, and are obviously devoted to their music and their faith. While this reviewer is a "heathen" at best, and not often attracted to gospel music, this group certainly reached me with their talent and song. I saw them in concert at a county festival in Casey County, KY this past weekend. I had the privilege of listening to their performance three times on Saturday (wish I could have listened three times more). I strongly advise if you ever get the opportunity to see them in person, don't miss the chance. Their stage presence, sincerity, and audience rapport would make them a joy in any setting. Their sound is reminiscent of ballads and folk songs. My favorite songs on this album are "I Am Loved" and "Set Me Free". Their first album is a true delight as well. I actually like it more than this one, but, they are both treasures to be listened to over and over and over. This trio can easily win one over to their beautiful sound. Mandee, Cristi, and Carrie - keep the faith, I know that you will. (hey, visit these guys at
Alathea - a Review of The Phantom Tollbooth
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CD Review: Alathea - Alathea - By Matt Bjorke
CD Review: Alathea - Alathea. ... More of this Feature. • CD Review: Alathea - Alathea • CD Review Index • Other Reviews by Matt ...
Alathea - What Light Is All About (Buy for £9.97) | Cross Rhythms
More music reviews · Music Articles · Life Articles · Alathea artist profile. ARTIST ALERTS ... Location: Home › Reviews › Alathea - What Light Is All About ... :: View topic - Review of Alathea's Concert in ...
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